In France we can stand out as one of the most tourist countries in the world, destination, where enjoying the most of the beauties and corners of the French capital can have some risks, even if you travel to the capital without an exact plan, or something goes wrong there to take into account some aspects before making the trip or before taking a taxi, since many people every day have bad experiences in such famous transport not only in France but around the world.

The problem with large legal companies is that they are a double-edged sword; At the beginning they usually compensate because you are protected by the State, but as time passes the conditions change, many give for that reason that their support is not of great contribution, after having thousands of euros to obtain a license that should guarantee security, work and comfort, over time has generated understandable frustration for taxi drivers.

But if we see the other side of the coin taking into account that in France there are both taxis and Ubers we have as a consequence the price in both services where Uber has more competitive prices than regular taxis, one of the first complaints of users when taking a taxi anywhere in France.  Because it is suffering a change in the method of transport, as any revolution leaves bad news for the user.

As much in the price as in the radical change of attention that is offered, many people tell their bad experiences in the taxis of France when approaching so famous means of transport to world-wide level.

In all social networks circulate stories of sad events occurred when boarding a taxi in the most famous parts of France, starting with one of them, on one occasion a young man visited the Eiffel Tower and when leaving the place they took a taxi, as the young man I did not dominate the French he indicated the place where I needed to take it, I was on my way to the north and started the trip,
It caught hisattention that the taxi took another route that no other taxi had taken before and immediately asked him, Notredame? Without any encouragement to have asked for the city, the taxi driver began to insult them with inappropriate words which he did not understand but the taxi driver asked for payment and left him adrift, the annoying young man got off and immediately had to pay him the 10 dollars that the meter had traveled; The return to his hotel indignant with what happened.

Another group of people had something different with a taxi company called MYTAXISPARIS.

This family requested a taxi service from the airport to the wonderful world of Disney which had made advance booking through mail and phone call and had already been confirmed from Spain round-trip airport-Disney, Disney-airport the first one that took them from the airport perfect attention and left in their destination, had already paid in advance, the day they had to return had the taxi appointment at 6.00 pm taxi that never appeared, called the company and did not respond, were desperate with two children and 3 adults thinking that they would lose their plane back home, seeing that the company did not respond they had to ask for another taxi requested to the emergency hotel to not lose their plane, they did not lose their plane but they lost 120 euros they had already paid for the service they never gave him.

Many people recommend not to take a taxi outside the French airport without having made a reservation, since these taxis will want to give you a big walk around the city and maybe your destination is 5 blocks from the airport as is the case of a couple from Venice who traveled to Paris to enjoy their honeymoon near the Eiffel Tower, arrived in Paris and took a taxi to get to their destination, destination that lasted an hour to arrive, as the taxi driver took them for a walk the city taking advantage of the fact that they did not realize the time they boarded the taxi, it was the most expensive trip they have paid and they were indignant and without words for the taxi driver, the wife told him that God bless him ironically for what happened.

Many stories of taxis charging more for the service, taximeters altered, people badly faced by personal problems, but the case of Mary and her mother July Newman’s was different, they boarded a taxi in one of the main avenues. Where the shopping centers and establishments with branded clothes, perfumes and food abounded, when getting out of the taxi July does not realize that she left her wallet in the car, when she entered a store for some blouses that her daughter had asked for she, realized that his wallet was not there, he immediately called his bank and called the taxi company that attended him, to his surprise the card had already been used for $ 100 in gasoline and the $ 150 that accompanied him in his wallet, the driver was fired and the corresponding report was filed for the bad action of the taxi driver, they were left with the bad taste of mouth of the values ​​of said driver.

In many occasions this does not happen with tourists but with people from the city who already know the work system of such taxis, as happened to Felipe who worked more than a year in a very important company, he used to leave in his car, but this time he had to give it to repair because he was giving trouble to the engine of his car, he got up very early that morning and took a taxi to get to his job faster, he tells the taxi driver where he was going and he gets up, after spending 15 minutes on the way, Felipe asks him to forgive me where he takes me, the taxi driver answered his job and he told him that if he needed me to take him to his job but he was going in the wrong direction, Mr. He apologized several times but in the end I ended up charging him what the meter set him since he left his house.

In France the most recognized taxis taking out the airport are Orly and Charles de Gaule since they are the most recognized and of good prestige thanks to the good service, although a curious fact is that although the company is the most reliable, it does not guarantee that the driver is going to be, as is the case of Alejandro who traveled to Paris for work, it was the first time he arrived in such a big city and he felt restless nervous and scared, when he arrived from the airport he requested a taxi that I would take him to his hotel, the taxi driver arrived and board the means of transport, since he did not handle the French language he saw the task of using the translator to ask the driver how it was Paris, the driver said he did not trust anyone, He stopped asking, after a while the driver makes a stop and asks Alexander to get off the taxi, he gets off and asks what happened, because he thought he had a flat tire, when he got off the taxi conductor got in the car and left as quickly as possible leaving young Alexander adrift without his suitcases and important documents that took him, as it turns out that said taxi minutes before boarding it was reported stolen and was the victim of theft by the company even though The company will reimburse you for everything you lost on that trip.

Many times the taxi is frowned upon due to technical failures that may present, such as the communicator in poor condition or a flat tire on the road, which makes poor service to the user, many of the complaints of users are due to delays unjustified by the driver, because if it is an emergency and they give a time of arrival and arrive half an hour later without giving an explanation the customer gets upset and remains unsatisfied what gives a bad reputation of the service as such, one The most common problems they have is that many of the applications for the mobile of the old stations have the disadvantage that they are limited to transferring the system of the operators to the digital world, instead of offering technology. I have to say that, from my personal experience, taxi operators have almost always been unruly with me. I do not remember many good experiences as a client. So, although I’m sure it will have been just bad luck, it did not cost me anything to change the world and move on to applications.

Not only the users have bad experiences, also taxi drivers who work daily in this exhausting job for some, since the user’s mood is not always the same and not all the characters are the same, as is the case of a taxi driver in France called Piere who mostly transports people around the Eiffel Tower, he was going to pick up a small group of 3 people, a boy of about 13 years with his parents, he was very animated that morning and went to wait for them at the agreed point, they boarded the car and started the journey, the couple did not speak French only English, to the surprise of the small family Piere spoke English, but it was stuck in the course of the road, it was the day that he felt humiliated because he was a taxi driver, the parents were talking about that humble driver of good looks, but in bad of him, treating him as useless and bad person and like many other users even as a thief, he was just going listening, when the couple and the boy got off the bus the man got the taxi and said in English thank you very much for traveling with us, the gentlemen were stunned to hear him speak in English, he left sad for what happened, but at the same time I really wanted to get ahead and that the same thing would not happen again.

In order to provide a good service to the user and avoid bad experiences coming from a country like France, before boarding a taxi we must first guarantee our safety and not take taxis from which we doubt their origin since there are now many pirate taxis, although in France the percentage of there is a pirate taxi is 18% there are many beautiful places to visit in this country, enjoy the wonders that are offered and choose a good alternative transport to avoid altercations, although sometimes the problem is not even the taxi driver if not in the stations, and one complex to solve, is that they have an ancestral infrastructure, in the form of switchboards and telephone operators, which is responsible for providing the service. For many drivers, it was an acceptable way to get careers, but it involved significant monthly payments. Even if we accept that today there are still older people who probably will never get to adapt to mobile apps, the monthly savings of skipping the station and the growing popularity of the Apps is compensating many; in conclusion we have all gone through difficult times in which we have seen ourselves in taking the wrong taxi which takes us to the famous WORST EXPERIENCES IN TAXIS without mentioning that because of it many places have broken because of the bad service they give to the users.

Avoid bad experiences and make good decisions when traveling in France, as well as being costly in one instance can cost us to life since we do not use good human judgment but we let ourselves be carried by the instance.